FTP filters offers high quality, high efficiency filters for medium & heavy duty equipment’s as well as farm, construction, mining and other equipment applications. It is very critical to know that a clogged up filter will harm the machine, as well as it will decrease the fuel economy of your machine. If the air filter is clogged, it will decrease power to an extent, and it will be dangerous as it can cause your engine to fire up a few sensors because of restricted airflow and even dirty air.


FTP filters are assured of competing with the top filter brands in price and quality. Also, we have filters that are made and imported from USA. The role of the filters whether they are oil, air, hydraulic or fuel is to stop dirt, dust and debris from incoming into all the critical systems of your  machine, Due to this, our filters are manufactured to provide maximum protection as well as to increase the productivity and they will also ultimately save on the functional cost of the machine.

Quality, Integrity & Reliability

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