Miba from Austria, UTC from Brazil are a leading manufacturer's of fiction materials like clutch disks, brake linings, clutch buttons, steel mating plate and others. as they are mainly used in earthmoving machinery, agricultural equipment, marine gears...Etc.


Now you don’t have to search any further to have the best quality friction parts in the market. We are providing the widest range of friction parts that are designed for your machine. Our friction parts pads will take your machine to the next level of safety, efficiency and performance. The components in the braking system work as hard as any other parts that are working in any other system of your machine, and To ensure the safety of our customer's, we import the friction parts from Austria and Brazil which are thoroughly inspected.

Friction Discs

Friction materials for synchronizer systems of modern manual and automated manual transmissions as well as double-clutch transmissions for heavy machines are subject to ever-increasing loads. At the same time, requirements for shifting comfort and life time are growing. Our range of composite and carbon friction materials meet these outstanding


Braking Pads

Because of high loads, we offer high performance molded sintered friction materials running against mating materials made of steel. The brake pads we offer provide a high friction resistant with noise less performance to the machine.

Quality, Integrity & Reliability

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